This Was Awesome!! Thanks Vin and Friends!!

It Used to be Cool Party!  (It’s Chris’s B-Day)

Pamela Anderson




Ed Hardy Clothes




Shabby Chic

Tom Cruise in "Top Gun"

It’s Chris’s birthday.

All this used to be cool, Chris used to be cool (or so he says), let’s celebrate!

Think back on all the things we used to think were cool (you know some of that stuff is still hanging around in your closet!) like Tom Selleck in his shorty-shorts, My Space, Doc Martens, Pearl Jam, Bo Derek’s cornrows, Juicy Couture sweat suits,  Tom Cruise in “Top Gun”,  The Spice Girls, tramp stamp tatoos… goes on and on.  Well, pull that stuff out and join us celebrating Chris’s birthday and reminiscing on some questionable taste.  Wear those Uggs!  Pull out the blue eyeliner!  Wear those short shorts!  Show off a tribal armband tattoo!

Where?   Our House  9116 Colberg Dr.

When?    Saturday, August 27th  7:00pm-???

Please RSVP by Wednesday, August 24th to or 310.245.9571

**This will be an adults only party as we don’t feel the need to traumatize any of our children with the unspeakable things we used to consider cool.